Sleeping Positions and Their Effects on Your Body

salem beds sleep positions and effects

Are you the type of person who falls asleep instantly the moment your head hits the pillow? Or are you the type to have to be in a very specific position just so you can drift off to sleep? Either way, most of us tend to have a sleeping position of preference, allowing us to catch some zzz’s faster and more comfortably.

While these sleeping positions tend to work for some people, some end up straining their backs and necks in the process, which can lead into disrupted sleep or body aches in the morning. This, of course, means you get to miss out on getting quality sleep, which is why we suggest that you learning more about your sleep position. This way, you can alter it a little bit, so you can find a better way to fall asleep that won’t sacrifice your comfort and wellness.

There are different sleeping positions that can be harmful to your health. First of which is the fetal position, wherein you curl into a ball, with your knees up to your chest or chin and your back bent into a concave. While this position is perfect especially during the cold months as it helps you conserve heat, it can also strain your back and restrict your breathing. It is also the most common sleeping position, which can explain why a lot of people complain about body aches despite a full night’s sleep.

salem beds fetal position

Another common sleeping position is the log position, characterized by sleeping on your side with arms straight and close to the side of the body. This is said to be the best sleeping position for your body, as it allows the proper alignment of the spine and neck. Its downside, on the other hand, is that it can cause premature wrinkles and sagging, due to gravity’s pull from the side of your body.

salem beds sleeping positions

Side sleeping, in general is quite beneficial, no matter which side you nod off in. It promotes proper back alignment and can prevent snoring. However, there are also some cons in this sleeping position. Aside from sore shoulders and arms after sleeping on it, it can also worsen heartburn and strain internal organs.

salem beds sleeping positions

Some people also enjoy sleeping on their stomach or face down. While it can help your digestion, it is difficult to maintain as you’ll most likely find it difficult to breathe and your neck will get strained just so you don’t squash your face against your pillow.

salem beds sleeping positions

Sleeping on your back is believed to be the most ideal, though. It offers proper back support (granted that your mattress offers firm resistance) as well as allow easy blood circulation. Back sleepers can also enjoy less risks of premature wrinkles, as the skin is not pulled away from the body. The only downside is that sleeping on your back makes you more prone to snoring and sleep apnea.

salem beds sleeping positions

According to experts, the best sleeping position is still on your back, with your arms straight down to your sides. Sure, it still has some downsides, but it has the least uncomfortable side effect in the bunch. However, other experts suggest adding a pillow supplement, so you can get some shuteye comfortably without having to bother about your position.



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