How to Brighten Your Bedroom for the Rainy Season

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Although the rainy season gives us a great break from the sweltering tropical heat the Philippines get to enjoy most of the year, the rainy season serves as an excellent break from all the sweating. However, the rainy season can also mean grey skies and dimmer natural lighting. This can be quite a pain for most homes, as the darkness can be a little bit unwelcoming.

If your home allows as much natural lighting as you can get, the rainy season won’t matter too much as there’ll still be some light shining through your home. However, for those who have to deal with dark areas inside their nest, additional measures are necessary so your home wouldn’t look too gloomy.

As the bedroom is usually one of the darkest areas in a house, brightening it up can help keep your home looking fresh and upbeat despite the creeping cold and wetness outside. Luckily, there are a number of handy tips to get this done, some of which are found below.

1. A fresh coat of paint is welcome

Re-painting a room makes it look fresh, as well as allows you to give it a nice makeover at the same time. It’s also pretty easy to do and you don’t really have to make big purchases for it. However, it’s best to do this on one of those sunny days during the rainy season instead, as paint fumes can be dangerous to your health.

2. Brightly colored bed clothes

salem beds brighten your bedroom

If you want to introduce colors into your bedroom during the rainy season without having to work with cans of paint, getting some brightly colored bed clothes can be an excellent alternative. As they’re also less permanent, you can definitely interchange them with other patterns and prints, letting you enjoy some versatility inside your bedroom.

3. Hang some colorful wall art

Every bedroom deserves a nice piece of art, but if you’re looking for one that will fit your home, maybe a nice and colorful piece will be the perfect choice.Not only will the color brighten up your space, but the right piece will also evoke emotions and decorate your bedroom without a fuss.

4. Opt for some light and airy curtains

salem beds brighten your bedroom

While some people prefer to use heavy and dark curtains during the rainy season, opting for the opposite will let you entertain some natural light better.

5. Add some mirrors

salem beds brighten your bedroom

Mirrors tend to reflect light, so if you’re subjected to making do with minimal natural light, scattering it through the use of mirrors will help you illuminate your space even more. Mirrors are also highly decorative, making them functional and worth your while.

6. Introduce some metallics

Metallics have a certain sheen that can come in handy when it comes to distributing light in your space. With their shiny surface, more light gets disbursed and reflected, distributing light and brightening up your space easily. They can also bring some cheer during the gloomy months, since some sparkle can easily lift the mood.

7. Add some lighting fixtures or increase your bulb’s wattage

Since it will be quite difficult to have some kind of home renovations during the rainy season, the best you can do is to take small measures to make amends. To make your room brighter, you can add some lighting fixtures, may it be an extra bulb or lamp. You can also increase your bulb’s wattage to illuminate your bedroom better.

8. Incorporate some whites in your decor

Adding some white colored pieces in your interiors can help reflect light, so it gets distributed around the room, giving it a brighter and more lit up vibe. White bed clothes, bed side tables, furniture, or wall art are excellent ways to incorporate some whites in your bedroom.

9. Trim down the clutter

Clutter can also make your room crowded and even darker. This is why, if you really want to brighten up your space, tidy up a little or cut down on the items you have in your bedroom.

10. Clean your windows

salem beds brighten your bedroom

Sometimes, it’s not just the grey skies that make your home a little bit darker, but it’s actually your windows’ fault. Rain, combined with accumulated dust can easily make your windows cloudy, so cleaning them is one of the best solutions to get some additional light through.


While it’s the best to enjoy rainy days in a dark bedroom, you’re also bound to get sick of the grey as the season goes on. So, to avoid this, adding some bright and colorful elements into your bedroom is ideal to drive away the gloom.


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