How to Get a Literal Beauty Sleep

salem beds beauty sleep

Most people enjoy sleep as it is their body’s down time from all the hustle and bustle life brings them. It allows the body to rest and regenerate, giving you a fresh glow once you wake up. This is why a lot of people refer to their nightly shut eye as their beauty sleep, since you can actually become more beautiful if you get the right amount of sleep.

Did you know, though, that you can get much more out of your beauty sleep? With some additional tips and tricks, you can make use of your down time to take care of your skin and hair more thoroughly, so you can be extra glowing the next day. To help you get started, here are some of the most popular techniques that you can try out.

1. Make use of soft bed clothes.

Silk or satin bed clothes are some of the softest coverings that you can use for your bed. Aside from being comfortable, your body  doesn’t create too much friction when you lie on them. As it is soft, it won’t be abrasive to your skin, and wouldn’t cause creases and wrinkles in the long run. It’s also a lot easier on your hair, as it won’t cause bed heads, tangles and breakage. Because satin and silk are also not as absorbent as cotton, you can also count on the fact that it won’t dry you up of your natural oils, allowing your skin and hair to soak up as much as it needs to stay healthy and glowing.

2. Never sleep with your makeup still on.

Sleeping with your face still caked with cosmetics is something you should never do. For one, it clogs up your pores, which can cause breakouts. Two, it can result into waking up with a funky eye gunk, which will prove to be a hassle to remove in the morning.

3. Tie your hair up, but not too tightly.

When you sleep, it’s typical to find your hair covering your face, which can mean natural oils entering your pores. This can once again cause clogged pores, which can lead to breakouts. Aside from your hair on your face, letting your tresses down may also cause friction and breakage. When it’s all loose, it can get pulled and laid on, which can cause horrible breakage. Not only will it cause sleep disturbance, but it can also seriously damage your hair. By wearing it up in a relaxed bun or a high ponytail, you can save yourself from all of these risks.

4. Wash and change pillowcases at least once a week.

Your pillowcases get the most abuse when you go to sleep. It can also easily affect your face and hair if your pillowcase maintenance is poor. By changing into fresh pillowcases regularly, you can be sure that you are resting your head down on a clean surface, preventing breakouts and other adverse reactions from soiled linens.

5. Moisturize!

Moisturizing your skin at night is one of the most important beauty tricks that any person can easily do. Putting on a good product before hitting the hay will let your skin soak up the moisturizing products without a fuss. As you’ll most likely be inside a temperature controlled bedroom, you won’t feel sticky even if you’re wearing a heavy moisturizer.


The best thing about these techniques is that they’re all pretty easy that including them to your pre-bedtime routine wouldn’t take too much time and effort from you. Sure, it may take an additional minute or two to get some of these things done, but with the benefits that you can get from it, the extra effort will surely not matter in the long run.

Combine these tips with a high quality sleep brought on by a Salem bed, and you’ll surely get the most out of your evening, leaving you not only refreshed and ready for the next day, but also more beautiful and glowing, giving you more confidence.


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