What to Do When You Just Can’t Sleep

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Even though you have a great relationship with sleep, there are always those times when dozing off can be more of a challenge than a natural occurrence. If you find yourself having difficulties sleeping, whether it’s a nightly problem, or it’s one of those off nights when you don’t feel tired despite having a long day, there are things that you can do instead of tossing and turning while fretting about the hours you’re wasting being awake in bed. Some of the best examples of these are the following:

1. Make a Worry List

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Sometimes, the very cause of your sleeplessness is the fact that you have so many things going through your mind. You worry about different things that you can’t deal with immediately or completely has no control over and it is making you anxious. Some also like to remind themselves of the things they have to do right before they sleep, and when it sounds complicated, they end up mulling it over nonstop.

When you find yourself unable to sleep because of this, one of the best things to do is to make a worry list. Worry lists are basically lists filled with the things that bugs you when you lie on your bed at night and try to fall asleep. These lists will also help you release some anxiety over the things you’re fretting about, allowing you to relax a bit and finally catch some zzzs.

There’s really no particular format for worry lists. All you need to do is just jot down everything you’re worrying about and you’re good to go. Experts say that it helps because it organizes your thoughts and  that you get to properly visualize the things that you find important to remember and essential to address.

2. Do something uninteresting

Doing something that doesn’t really excite you when you’re trying to fall asleep. Doing something that you don’t find engaging will help relax your mind, thus allowing you to slow down and get sleepy. Some of the top things you can try is to read something you find boring or tune in to a very dry podcast. Whatever disinterests you, do it when you can’t fall asleep and you’ll instantly find yourself dozing off in just a few minutes.

3. Focus on your breathing

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Trying a few breathing exercises can be very calming and relaxing, making them ideal techniques in falling asleep. Some sleep apps will help you get started, but you can also do it on your own. You can also try inhaling through your left nostril to reduce your blood pressure and enhance circulation, making sleep a lot easier.

4. Get out of bed

If you’ve been trying to nod off for more than 15 minutes to no avail, maybe getting out of bed is already the next best thing to do. Some experts say that staying in bed will only train your system to stay awake in bed, so sleepless nights may come regularly if you don’t get out right away. Once you’re out of bed, engage yourself in dull activities, so you’ll feel the pull of your cozy mattress after a while.

5. Try some Reflexology to induce sleepiness

salem beds reflexology

Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine that makes use of certain pressure points in the body to create certain effects in other body parts. By applying pressure to specific points, it is said that it can improve one’s health easily, mostly through the improvement of blood circulation, easing of muscles, and its ability to induce relaxation.

According to experts, there are certain points in the body that you can press to help you get some shuteye. Some of these include the slants in between your eyebrows and nose, as well the space below the nail on the second toe of your right foot. By pressing and massaging these points, it is said that you can induce sleep faster.

6. Cuddle

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Cuddling is said to be an effective way to fall asleep, according to some experts. Some say that this method works because the touch of the people (or pets) you love can be very relaxing, allowing you to settle down and drift off to sleep without a fuss.


A good and high quality bed can also help you sleep easier better, so the next time you can’t doze off, you may also want to look at your mattress. Maybe your sleeplessness is caused by the need to switch to a new Salem bed? If it’s not the case, you can always try to relax before you hit the hay, so you can avoid spending hours trying to nod off.

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