A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Spring Mattresses

salem beds types of spring mattresses

So you have already decided to get an innerspring coil mattress as it offers the most benefits for your needs and preferences. However, the shopping is just getting started, as there are still a few decisions you have to make. The next thing you’ll need to decide on is which type of innerspring mattress it is that you want.

There are actually a few different kinds of spring mattresses in the country today. To give you a good idea on what your options are, here’s a quick guide you can use for easy reference.

Regular Spring Coil Mattress

salem beds types of spring mattress

Regular spring coil mattresses are, as the name suggests, your regular spring mattresses. They’re the ones you have known for the longest time. They are composed of a spring unit core, layered with foam and other materials for padding and comfort. They’re usually firm varieties and are typically the most affordable.

Pillowtop Mattress

salem beds types of spring mattress pillowtop

Pillowtop mattresses are commonly noted for their softness. With a feather type pad attached on top of the spring unit, making it look like there’s a mattress topper on top of a regular spring coil mattress. One glimpse at these and you’ll know that you’re looking at a very cozy surface. However, they are also pretty flexible, as the materials of the padding can differ greatly. Especially when it comes to Salem’s pillowtop mattresses, you can find models that make use of memory foam, polyurethane of varying densities, and even latex.

Eurotop Mattress

salem beds types of spring mattress boxtop

Boxtop mattresses look a lot like regular spring mattresses, except that they’re usually thicker than the latter. This is because they are a lot like pillowtop mattresses, in terms of extra padding for additional comfort. This variety is the most celebrated of all the different designs, as they allow additional padding into the mattress seamlessly, creating some of the most luxurious mattresses in the market today.

Double Pillowtop Mattress

salem beds types of spring mattress double pillowtop

Double pillowtop mattresses are much like pillowtop mattresses, except that instead of just having the additional padding on the top of one of its sides, the core spring mattress unit is actually sandwiched by additional pillow-type pads. This allows turning or flipping, as both sides are equally padded for comfort.

Double Eurotop Mattress

salem beds types of spring mattressdouble eurotop

Like the double pillowtop, the double eurotop is also padded equally on both its top and bottom side, making it ideal for turning or flipping. This variety is considered as the most plush of the bunch, as the padding is taken to a great level.


These different types of spring mattresses tend to vary in degrees, so at the very best, we suggest that you give each one a try when you go mattress shopping. Only you can decide which one feels the most comfortable to you, so make sure to give them a go when you visit Salem retail outlets or distributors.


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