Ensuring Extra Comfort for Plus Sized Sleepers

salem beds plus size sleep

Each individual has his/her own needs and preferences when it comes to finding the best sleeping surface. However, what some people tend to neglect is their weight when it comes to finding the right mattress. Unlike what some people believe, certain mattresses can only take so much weight before losing it’s intended shape. This is why choosing the right mattress that will match your weight and the number of people who will be sleeping on it is always highly necessary, as such considerations can also help ensure that you will find a comfortable product to fall asleep in.

Here at Salem beds, we believe that innerspring mattresses are suitable for every body type. With our high quality coils, we can guarantee proper back support, allowing a good night’s rest. However, if you weigh more than the average, additional support should be closely looked into.

According to experts, innerspring or coil mattresses are more ideal bedding options for people who are on the heavier side as it’s metal components can provide great support to the entire body. It can also relieve pressure points, especially the units with high coil count, as coils provide the right combination of compression and resistance, resulting to easier rest and relaxation. It is also ideal for those who are having difficulties in moving, as they can be easier to move in and out of. Experts also suggest that plus size sleepers should also only go for thicker mattresses, ranging from 10 to 14 inches in height. This prevents excessive sinking and ensures that there is enough material to keep sleepers comfortable.

As for the feel, firmer varieties are said to be better options as they tend to be more resilient and capable of holding up weight. Firmer mattresses can also be a lot more durable, ensuring that you’ll be able to enjoy the comfort you deserve for a longer period of time.

To add firmness to an innerspring mattress, padding it with choice materials like latex, high resilience polyurethane, and memory foams can be done. It is said that the more layers there is on top of the springs, the better it is for the comfort of plus sized sleepers. It makes it more comfortable, and ensures that the coils wouldn’t get too strained in the process.

Here at Salem beds, we have several hybrid mattresses that feature spring units combined with various types of foams. Our pillow top and euro top designs are some of the best options for plus sized individuals, as they offer extra layers of foam, which can provide additional comfort and support, ensuring easy relaxation.

When it comes to mattresses for plus sized sleepers, we can promise that Salem’s top range collections will be your best options. Unlike other brands, we only make use high grade foams in our spring mattresses. This means that there are no rebonded foams included in our units, which can break down easily after a few months’ of repeated use. Combining the finest materials and Salem’s renowned craftsmanship, you’ll surely find an excellent mattress in one of our lines no matter what.



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