Design Highlight: Canopy Beds

Every once in a while, it’s nice to explore different interior design trends, especially for the bedroom. This week, we looked at the sweetest canopy beds from all over the web, most of which makes us think whether an additional layer of glamor and privacy should be added  to our own homes.

Canopy beds are basically four poster beds, except they’re commonly adorned with curtains and draping. These additional fabrics are not just put there for aesthetic purposes, though, as they have historically functioned as an additional warming mechanism for sleepers. Today, they can still serve such purpose, but with most homes equipped with heaters (overseas), and the Philippines being a tropical country, the need isn’t as pressing anymore. Nowadays, they’re more for an additional bedroom flair than anything.

Take a look at our list of the nicest canopy beds and discover whether your home needs an easy or grand transformation to get one.

Minimalist, but still chic, this canopy bed only has curtains behind the headboard, creating clean and sleek visuals. The sofa at the foot of the bed mixed with the bulky armchairs add a very balanced charm, creating a modern and polished overall look.
salem beds canopy

Owned by a “prolific collector of art and antiquities,” it’s not too surprising that this bedroom looks like it was taken from a few centuries back. We totally adore the crown that sits atop the canopy bed – so unique and classic!

The mix of prints, with the wrought iron swirls, light curtains, and the delicate china creates a very romantic space in this bedroom. We love how the canopy bed doesn’t require any additional dressing anymore and how it combined wood with metal graciously.
This bedroom creates a more modern take on a canopy bed. It’s quite boxy, but the severeness is broken by the plush surfaces and the circular prints all over the room.
Here’s a doll themed bedroom with an exquisite execution of a canopy bed. The light shades of pink mixed with tulle created a wonderfully feminine and soft look that’s perfect for a sweet little girl.
Take a cue from this medieval-esque bedroom for a fantastical space. Although, it is technically not a canopy bed, the awning is just lovely.
Want a canopy bed but not the fact that you may need to get rid of your bed frame? Here’s an easy alternative. Again, it’s not technically a canopy bed in the sense that it has four posts on each corner, but it creates an easy faux ceiling by just strategically draping tapestry over your bed and behind your headboard.
This rustic bedroom shows that canopy beds can also be pretty versatile. They’re not just all about modernity or being traditional.
Some modern elegance in black, white, and gold.
Greek columns!
Here’s another way how you can create a canopy effect for your bed, attach a massive (but decorative) hook in the middle of your ceiling, then tie a nice curtain on it.
This canopy reminds us of those antique eggs that are just so charming and awe-inspiring.
This exotic canopy day bed will transport you to a whole new corner of the Mediterranean.
Known as the Chinese Opium Bed, these antique furniture goes back to the time when opium dens were still operated around china. They serve as booths wherein patrons can smoke their pipes in private and have their own cozy space to hang out in while their minds travel to whatever plane the drugs want to take them. Culturally rich and beautiful, these canopy beds are now some of the most highly coveted antique pieces around the globe.
salem beds canopy

This last one is another perfect DIY inspiration, as it turns a regular bed to a canopy-like bed. What you can do is attach supporting wires to the ceiling and attach curtain rods or pipes that can hold up curtains and you’re good to go. It can also be an excellent way to create a private space in shared rooms or a studio apartment.

Pair your canopy beds with quality Salem mattresses and you’ll surely get the luxurious sleep you deserve.


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