How to Choose the Right Pillow for a Good Night’s Sleep

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When people think of comfort, there’s a high chance that pillows are more commonly automatically included in the imagery rather than beds. These little packages of coziness are easier to lug around and a whole lot cheaper in most occasions, helping you create a more comfortable space all over your home.

However, bed pillows are not just about something that could prop your head up while trying to catch some zzz’s. They affect sleep and comfort much more than most people realize, as it has such a vital role in your sleeping position. Sometimes, it’s the pillows’ fault that you can’t fall asleep or wake up aching all over your body, so you might want to check out which pillows suit your needs best.

With the right pillow, your head will be kept in a neutral position, preventing your neck from being strained the wrong way which can lead to difficulties in breathing, snoring, and neck pains. A good pillow should be able to keep your spinal alignment in its right position, as well as properly support your head, shoulders, and back. As these will be used to support your head for up to eight hours daily, it should be the perfect items to guarantee your comfort and wellbeing.

What do you need to know about pillows? Here are some top information and tips to help you choose the right piece to take home with you.

1. Choose the right material. Pillows come in a wide range of varieties, making it important that you know your options before you go out and get one. Some of the most common and popular choices include cotton, down, memory foam, latex foam, rubber, wool, hemp, kapok, and polyester fiber among others. Some may also find several other options with more unusual fillings, like green tea, horse hair, or buckwheat. Each material has its own merit, catering to a specific need or requirement.

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Cotton filled pillow

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Down feather filled pillow

salem beds memory foam pillow

Memory foam pillow

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Rubber/ Latex foam pillow

salem beds wool pillow

Wool Pillow

2. The height and shape matter. The pillow’s most important task is to keep your head properly aligned and supported all throughout your nightly rest. This is why its height and shape matter, as these two can easily affect the elevation needed to achieve comfort for your head and shoulders. According to experts, the most ideal pillow height is 4-6 inches for the ultimate comfort. However, it also depends on the contour of your head and neck, so before you purchase one, try it on. Place it against a wall, so you can emulate a flat sleeping surface, then rest your head on the pillow. If your head lays straight, then you’ve found the right pillow height for your head. If the pillow pushes your head downward or makes you pull your head back to reach it, then you have to find something else. These won’t align your spine properly, which can ensure that they won’t be the most comfortable pillows for you.

3. Only you can define what the best pillow is for you. You’ve seen it all before – all those pillows claiming they’re the best and they’re the very ones you’ve been looking for all your life. The thing is, these may or may not be true, as everything rests on your head and comfort. Only you can decide which one feels the most comfortable for you, so make sure to test drive a few before committing to one.

4. Consider how you sleep. How you support your sleeping position also affects the comfort you get when you’re sleeping. If you’re not properly supported, despite the right amount of softness or firmness of your mattress, you can still get body aches and pains in the morning. Those who sleep on their stomach should opt for soft pillows as this variety allows the sleeper to sink comfortably, creating an easier way to drift off to sleep and less chances of straining the body. As for back sleepers, medium firm pillows are most ideal, as it can provide excellent support to your head. For side sleepers, firm pillows are recommended. This is because it will ensure a neutral neck position, guaranteeing a pain free morning.

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5. Price is not a marker of a good pillow. Like almost every consumer in the market today, the price does not necessarily guarantee that you’re getting an exceptional product. Especially when it comes to pillows, as it is totally up to you in deciding whether they’re comfortable or not.

6. Your pillow and mattress should work in tandem. As both your pillow and mattress are purchased to bring comfort to your bedroom, it is just essential that they should work well together. The general rule here is to ensure that your body is at the same level to avoid straining your shoulders and neck too much. So, if you have a firm mattress, a thick pillow should be the very thing you look for. If you own a softer mattress, a thin pillow should be its partner, as you tend to sink when you lay down.


Here at Salem beds, we believe that a good pillow is the best partner to our mattresses for a good night’s sleep. Hopefully, these handy info help you find the right match for your own Salem mattresses at home.





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