Feature Highlight: Pocketed Spring


One of the most popular complaints about innerspring mattresses is that they tend to be a pain to share with someone else. As the support system can get bouncy, every movement of the person one sleeps with creates an effect on the sleeping surface. This can lead to disrupted sleep, and of course, not being able to get the most out of their slumber.

To deal with this issue, many have chosen to switch and opt for foam mattresses instead. With the wide variety of firmness levels of these alternative bedding options, there’s really a high chance that you’ll be able to find the support and comfort that you need. However, foam mattresses are not exactly for everyone. Those who need excellent back support due to an illness, as well as those who are overweight, may not find foam mattresses as the best bedding solutions. A sturdier support system is required for these individuals, making spring mattresses still the best options there is.

But what if you’re not too keen on going back to regular spring mattresses? Well, with today’s technology, it’s extremely easy to find an alternative solution to such a predicament. An excellent option is a Pocketed Spring mattress.

Pocketed spring mattresses are, basically, innerspring mattresses, but unlike the regular ones, each coil is wrapped with a special fabric, packed together tightly, allowing individual movement for each coil. This capability is probably the best feature of the pocketed spring unit, as it also prevents partner disturbance. In simpler words, pocketed spring units can prevent disturbances among co-sleepers, ensuring a full night’s slumber.

Salem bed’s pocketed spring systems ensure these and more. Our Elite collection boasts of the finest pocketed spring units as it combines movement isolation with utter comfort from the combined layers of latex, memory, and high grade polyurethane foams. The mattress ticking is also reinforced with unique innovative features, giving more bang for the buck.

salem beds pocketed spring banner

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