Salem Beds’ Mattress Guide: Get to Know the Different Types of Mattresses

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It has been said multiple times before that mattress shopping can be one of the most taxing tasks that someone who wishes to get a good night’s sleep has to do. With the vast number of options available, getting started is just as intimidating as actually making the call in which item to take home.

Being in the business for nearly half a century now, we here at Salem beds understand that you may find it difficult to kickstart your mattress shopping. So to help you out in your quest of locking in the best sleep there is, here’s a quick guide on everything you need to know about mattresses.

Types of Mattresses

In the Philippines, there are six types of mattresses that are easily available in the market today. These are the innerspring or coil mattresses, memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, polyurethane foam mattresses, rebonded foam mattresses, and combination or hybrid mattresses. Each has its own merit and promise of comfort, providing as much options as possible to the consumers.

Innerspring / Coil Mattresses

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What they are: Innerspring or coil mattresses are known to be the most traditional mattress options in the market. Composed of a series of coiled springs to create the bounce and support needed by the sleeper, it is layered with foam and other materials to provide the softness needed for a good night’s sleep. They’ve been around for several decades in the country now, and almost every home has already experienced sleeping in one.

There are two types of innerspring/coil mattresses. One is the open type, which makes use of a series of individual springs . The open variety is further divided into two sub-types, bonnel and continuous. The bonnel type is the face of the open type spring coil unit, especially since it is the more commonly used variety. It is best described as a series of coil springs attached to the frame one by one. The other type is the continuous spring unit, wherein the whole spring system makes use of a single, continuous line of metal, touted to be durable, as the coils get support from the ones next to them.

The other type of innerspring mattresses is the pocketed system. With these, the coils are wrapped with a special fabric, allowing movement isolation, and creating an undisturbed sleeping experience in a shared bed. These mattresses are relatively more expensive than others, but are definitely worth the investment.

The great thing about innerspring mattresses is that, with the right brand, they can last a good long time. If the coils are made out of high grade metal and the additional paddings are of quality foam products, there’s a good chance that the mattress can be in great shape for more than a decade.

Who should get one: Innerspring mattresses are perfect for everyone as they come in a wide range of designs and softness levels. However, those who are overweight may benefit more from these products, as they offer better support and can be a lot easier to get in and out of.

Memory Foam

salem beds memory foam magnifique

What they are: Possibly the most in vogue mattress material today, memory foams are known for their excellent support and resistance as well as great comfort. Made of a special kind of foam, memory foam mattresses follow the body’s contours, offering just the right amount of resistance and creating a comfortable sleeping experience.

The only negative thing about memory foams is that they tend to get too hot while in use. As the materials make use of the body’s heat to follow the shape of the person in the bed, it also tends to retain the absorbed temperature, which can later disturb the sleeper. However, new generation memory foams are now finding solutions to these issues, making memory foams a more attractive option for many.

Who should get one: Experts recommend memory foam mattresses to those who are having difficulties getting comfortable, as well as those who suffer from chronic fatigue and muscle pains.

Latex Foam

salem beds latex foam legacy

What they are: Latex foams are gaining some traction in the mattress game as of late, as they slowly establish their dominance over other types of foams. Being made largely from natural materials from the rubber tree, they have definitely caught the attention of the eco-conscious consumer block. As latex foam prove to be a wonderful natural solution to bedding, they are surely creating some buzz as of late.

Although, latex foams are also available in the synthetic variety, natural latex foams are easily the ones making waves in the market right now. As they offer a natural bedding option, it is just typical that they are known for being healthier. With the use of natural materials, they are easily resistant to harmful allergens and bacterial growth, which all pose dangers to sleepers.

However nice latex foam may be, though, it is still quite pricey, stopping a lot of consumers from getting mattresses made from such materials for their homes. Thankfully, latex foam layers can now be found in Salem bed products like the Elite and Renascence collection. With this, Filipinos can now enjoy the healthy comfort such products can bring.

Who should get one: Those who favor very firm sleeping surfaces will enjoy latex foam mattresses. If you’re also quite sensitive to certain allergens, these could be the perfect products for you.

Polyurethane Foam

salem beds polyurethane foam g foam

What they are: The most economical option in the bunch, polyurethane foams are synthetic foams created with the use of chemicals. There’s a wide range of options available with this variety, as polyurethane foams vary in densities. High density foams are firmer and tend to last longer, while the low density ones are softer and can lose its fluff in a short time. As it is made from chemicals, some polyurethane foams can be highly flammable. However, the ones used in beddings are commonly treated with fire retardants, making them safe for use.

Who should get one: Those who are looking for an affordable bedding solution will surely find a good option among Salem’s foam mattress selection. Make sure to choose the right item, though, so you can be guaranteed that you can use your mattress for a good long time.

Rebonded Foam

What they are: When it comes to the cheapest options available, rebonded foams should be your best bet. These bedding options are made from discarded scraps of other polyurethane foam products, making them a great way to cut down costs and minimize production waste. They are usually sold at very low prices or used as additional padding for furniture or coil spring mattresses.

The best thing about rebonded foam is that they are really affordable. They were made at such small costs for the manufacturer, making it just typical that they are sold at a low price. They’re also an excellent way to help the environment, as they’re created as a way to repurpose what some would already consider as junk.

Who should get one: If you’re looking for an inexpensive bedding option, rebonded foams are excellent options. However, you can’t expect such products to last for a long time or to be very comfortable, as they tend to come in very thin varieties. They’re actually more ideal as portable bedding options or as an additional cushioning to a pre-existing bed.

Hybrid/ Combination Mattresses

salem beds hybrid combination mattresses royalty

What they are: Hybrid or combination mattresses are basically a mix of an innerspring system with a substantial foam layer. These products are becoming popular options lately as it put together the support offered by a quality coil system and the comfort of high grade latex, memory, or polyurethane foam.

There are two types of combination mattresses in the market today. The first one is the pillow top variety, wherein a pillow looking layer is attached on top of the mattress. It actually appears like a similar looking mattress topper has been placed over your mattress, except for the pillowtop variety, the upper layer is not removable. The other type is the boxtop kind, wherein you can enjoy an additional layer in a seamless manner. The boxtop kind doesn’t look too different from regular innerspring mattresses, except there’s usually an additional layer marked by the regular piping present in several mattress designs.

Who should get one: Those who are used to sleeping with a mattress topper can enjoy a good hybrid mattress. With the wide variety of options available, it won’t be difficult to find a great match for your need and preference with this kind of mattress.


When it comes to mattresses, there really isn’t a singular type or bed that can be called the “best” as finding the right mattress for you depends solely on your preference and comfort. We hope, with this little guide, you get to have an easier time finding the mattress that you deserve and need.



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