Product Highlight: La Mémoire

salem beds la memoire

With its great ability to conform to the body’s contours, memory foams are becoming some of the most sought after materials for mattresses today. Typically used in medical cases that requires patients to stay in bed for a longer period of time, memory foams has gained quite a therapeutic reputation, convincing the public that it is one of the best bed options out there.

True to its vision of having a “Salem bed in every Filipino home,” the leading mattress manufacturer has also created its own line of exquisite memory foam mattresses known as the La Mémoire series. Crafted from the finest new generation memory foam and stamped with the trusted Salem brand seal, this line is touted to create “memorable sleeping moments.”

The La Mémoire collection is composed of three high grade quick recovery memory foam combination mattresses: the Montaigne, Magnifique, and the Splendeur Reale. Layered with high density polyurethane foam and pocketed spring coil systems, each offer a range of special and innovative features, added to ensure high quality sleep.


salem beds la memoire MONTAIGNE

Sleek and modern, the Montaigne is all about comfort. It’s simplicity prevents possible distraction, and gives room for more creativity. Offering a combination of two inches of new generation memory foam with 6 inches of firm high density polyurethane foam, this box type mattress’ ticking is made out of exquisitely designed heavy knit fabric, Sanitized to keep away dustmites, fungi, bacteria, and other allergens from harming the sleeper. With an 8-year warranty, a Montaigne is set to prove itself a wonderful investment that will surely last a long time.


salem beds la memoire MAGNIFIQUE

Casually modern, the Magnifique offers ten inches of comfort. Just like the Montaigne, it is supported by layers of high density polyurethane foam reinforced by medium firm high resilience foam to ensure proper lumbar support and coziness. Designed with clean lines, the Magnifique also offers the Sanitized feature, to ensure that the mattress stays fresh despite repeated use. With a 10 year warranty, the Magnifique will definitely prove to be a magnificent home addition.

Splendeur Reale

salem beds la memoire SPLENDEUR REALE

Deep, luxurious sleep is what a lot of people would want to achieve on a splendid evening, and it is the very promise of the Splendeur Reale. With ten inches of high quality, new generation memory foam layered with medium firm high density polyurethane foam and a 1000 count pocketed spring coil system, this box type mattress offers more than just proper lumbar support. With a 15 year warranty, the Splendeur Reale will surely lull you to splendid sleep for quite a while.

Some say no one looks back and remembers the nights they’ve had a good night’s sleep, we say they must have not had a chance to sleep on a Salem bed just yet.


2 thoughts on “Product Highlight: La Mémoire

  1. How much is ur memory foam somerset king size?are there any stores where i can buy with discount other than sm dept store?thanks

    • Hi, Ms Weng! You can find discounted La Memoire products in our Life So Easy stores as well. We have locations in MC Depot Ortigas and The Fort, as well as in SM Southmall, Gaisano Mall Ilo-ilo, and the Lim Ket Kai Mall in Cagayan de Oro. For further inquiries, please call our hotline (02) 432-0562.

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