Quirky Bed Time Gift Ideas for Loved Ones of All Ages

 salem beds gift ideas

Gift giving is one of the most emotionally rewarding and taxing experiences there is. It can easily fulfill your desires for generosity, while it can also stress you out when in search for the perfect gift to give. If you’re at a loss at what to offer as a present to a loved one, why not consider a quirky everyday object that they can definitely find some use for? These unique pieces will surely stand out and add even more character to their homes.

Here’s a list of our top suggestions:

1. Zany pillows

 salem beds gift ideas

Pillows are possibly the easiest solutions to any gifting conundrum there is, because who doesn’t like pillows? Okay, there may be some, but these are practically the best presents out there, especially with the availability of zany designs and quirky prints. With all the options available, you will surely be able to send your receiver to sleep with your love and thoughts every night.

2. Beddings with concept prints

salem beds gift ideas

Make sleeping a lot more fun with these amazingly cool and funny beddings. With the great range of wacky designs now easily available, you surely won’t run out of options. Not only will you be able to help them decorate their bedroom, but you can also send them off to sleep with pizazz.

3. Camouflage compartments and storage

salem beds gift ideas

Giving something to someone who already has it all? Well, another good option is to just help them keep everything a bit safer. These unique hidden safes will not only hide their important belongings, but will also help them sleep more soundly at night free of worries from robbers.

4. One-of-a-kind night lights & lamps

salem beds gift ideas

Not only does a night light or lamp a great way to decorate a bedroom, but it is also very symbolic. By getting an unconventional lamp, you also get to shine a light in a very memorable way.

5. Unique and effective alarm clocks

salem beds gift ideas

Some say alarm clocks are now obsolete, what with the mobile gadgets most people carry, but this doesn’t mean that alarm clocks can’t be the best gift ideas there is. A bunch of today’s alarm clocks do more than just tell you the time and emit a sound to wake you up, though. They are also especially designed to wake people up effectively, adding other special features to their beeping to ensure you don’t get late in the morning. So, if you know someone who sleeps like a rock, a modern alarm clock could be the best present you can give them.

6. Unexpected wallpapers

salem beds gift ideas

Home decor are some of the best gift ideas of all time. They’re easy to find and with the right amount of knowledge about your receiver, you can definitely find a best match for the occasion. Wallpapers, however, are not always the top choice when it comes to giving out home decor as gifts. However, with the great amount of neat designs that range from the funny to whimsical, they can also be excellent gifts, nonetheless.

7. Plushies

salem beds gift ideas

Plushies, like pillows, are also some of the easiest gift solutions there is. There are lots to choose from and can also easily decorate a bedroom, so why not give them a shot? You recipient’s age doesn’t even really matter, as there are a wide selection of plushies you can choose from – some may even give a humorous take on their hobby!

8. Cute storage that can also serve as decor

 salem beds gift ideas

With most city dwellers having to make do with such little space, storage can be an issue. Helping them solve such a problem is one of the best ways to give them a present, so make sure to consider giving out storage products that double as decor to make their homes a little less cluttered and a bit more stylish.

9. Dress form

salem beds gift ideas

Searching for something you can give a fashion-loving friend? A dress form could be the best pick! Not only can these items easily express their passion for fashion, but they can also be quick decorative solutions for their space. Who knows, you might even get to help them plan their snazzy outfit for the next day with this gift.

10. Adorable hooks

salem beds gift ideas

If you’re not too keen on getting something massive for someone else, quirky wall hooks can also be excellent gifts for loved ones. They may be tiny, but are extremely useful. They can also be great when it comes to decorating a space, aside from being affordable, so it’s a great deal overall.

Here at Salem Philippines, we believe that a good night’s sleep is still the best gift that you can give to someone. With our high quality and wondrously cozy beds, this can be easily achieved. With a Salem bed, you’re not only giving a thoughtful gift, but you’re also giving the gift of quality sleep.

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