Back to School Essentials: What Every College Dorm Room Needs

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School’s about to be back in a few weeks and a lot of families who have just recently celebrated the graduation of their teen are scrambling to prepare the big college move. With teens about to embrace a new kind of challenge in their personal and academic lives, it is just typical that parents try their best to make the young ones as comfortable as possible. In the midst of the frenzy that is bound to happen, you may forget a thing or two no matter how organized you are. This is why, as a way of lending a helping hand, here’s a quick checklist of your back to school essentials:

salem beds back to school essentials

1. A good & sturdy mattress

A nice and cozy bed can provide a quick fix to homesickness that is bound to hit your young adult hard. Aside from this, it is also proven that sleep can help retain your child retain learned knowledge and information better. These are just some of the reasons why you should get them a great mattress, so you can make sure that they’re as comfortable as they can be despite being miles away from family.

What you’ll need: an actual mattress for bare dorm rooms or a good mattress topper for furnished units.

Salemtex foam mattresses in 6-inch single/twin sized types are lightweight (as compared to spring coil varieties) and cheap options without sacrificing the comfort of your child.

2. Storage & organizing solutions

Let’s face it, now that your child will be away from home, you’re not sure if they’ll pick after themselves and clean their room as much as you want them to. Arm yourself from the endless worries by getting them ample portable storage solutions so you can be sure that there will be enough drawers and boxes where they can cram their stuff in to achieve a resemblance in their dorm room. This may also help your child keep their stuff off the floor and littering their limited space altogether.

What you’ll need: stackable plastic crates for under bed storage, plastic drawers, bath caddies (for toiletries), hangers, closet organizers, etc.

3. Beddings

A bedroom will not be complete without beddings, so make sure to pack some for your teen. Get at least two sets of sheets, pillow cases, and blankets, so they always have a back up while the other set is in the laundry.

What you’ll need: fitted sheets, flat sheets, pillows, pillow cases, and a comforter/duvet/blanket.

4. Hamper/ laundry basket & trash bin

These are some of the most basic, yet easily forgotten essentials during the big move. They’re also extremely important as they can easily organize and literally remove clutter in your kid’s dorm room, so make sure to put a hamper and a trash bin high on your packing list.

What you’ll need: pop-up/collapsible laundry basket and a plastic or metal trash bin.

5. Lamps & basic electronics

Auxiliary lighting are highly important for dorm rooms as most typically use just a single bulb or two, which can even be too dim to provide light to the entire space. A lamp can help ensure that your offspring will be able to see what they’re doing easier and that they won’t destroy their eyesight by working in the dark.

Other basic electronics are also highly important to have. These can also make your teenager’s dorm life much simpler and more comfortable.

What you’ll need: floor or wall lamps to maximize table spaces, speakers (for phones, tablets, or computers), clothes iron or mini steamer, mini vacuum, and alarm clock just to name a few.

6. Slippers

Whether it’s a communal bathroom or one shared with a roomie, mothers will be more at ease to know that their kids won’t be stepping into a wet surface (where germs and bacteria lurk and roam around) barefoot. A pair of rubber flipflops will be your kid’s best bath buddy, while the fuzzy slippers will provide ease and comfort while lounging around in their dorm room after classes.

What you’ll need: a cheap pair of rubber flipflops (something you don’t mind ruining and dirtying) and a pair of room slippers in whichever design you prefer.

7. Furniture & accessories

Some dorm rooms already come with a chair, a table, and a bed, while others come as bare as they can. In such cases, packing a study table and a chair could create a much more functional space. Aside from these, though, additional accessories like lap tables, shelves, bean bags, rugs, and ottomans with storage can also help create a homier atmosphere.

What you’ll need: a regular desk, computer chair, some bean bags, ottomans with storage, lap tables (for when your child is working on the bed), and rugs among other things.

8. Basic kitchen tools & accessories

Most parents who are about to send their kids to college away from home worry the most about how their kids will feed themselves when they’re finally living on their own. To curb your anxiety and at least feel like you’ve done as much as you can in terms of preparing your kid in their independence, you should make sure that they have the basic kitchen tools and appliances in their dorm room. Pack a few eating and cooking utensils, plates, mugs, can openers, and a small pot and pan to get them started. Depending on their dorm room rules and regulations, you can also send with them a few basic kitchen appliances so they can cook their own meals as well.

What you’ll need: utensils, cookwares, a pitcher, glasses, travel mug, mini fridge, electric stove, electric kettle, oven toaster, and a microwave just to name a few.

9. Curtains & decor

Most parents would want to make their children’s dorm room feel more of a home away from home. If you’re this type of parent, send your offspring a few sets of curtains and a few decorative pieces as well. These items may not seem as important as the other things on the list, but nothing dampens creativity more than a generic and bland bedroom.

What you’ll need: a nice curtain, fairy lights, picture frames, wall clock, and your teenager’s preferred posters, photos, and additional decor.

10. Other needs

A lot of small stuff make us function better on a daily basis, so do not forget to include these things on your child’s college boxes.

What you’ll need: full length mirror, hooks, power strip, plants, flashlights, first aid kit, and a basic tool box just to name a few.

 Salem beds back to school


Just don’t forget to check with the dorm’s rules, regulations, and requirements, so you can be sure to have everything covered as well as do not waste space and effort in bringing something your child can’t use. Contact the dorm management, so you can be guaranteed that you have everything your child needs for their new college experience.


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