The New Salem Elite Collection: The New Face of Luxury

With the release of two new product lines recently, Salem decided to also take the time to up the ante with our upscale range, the Elite Collection. The Elite line has always been the creme of the crop collection of Salem, wherein you’ll find the most luxurious materials and the best craftsmanship there is. In our commitment in offering the latest in sleep technology, the new Elite collection offers the most advanced features that you can find in the current market.

Salem elite

What makes the new Elite collection so special is it’s unique design. Each pillow top mattress not only combines softness with firm support, but also ensures that you will be relaxed and achieve quality sleep once you doze off. With 15-year warranty, corner and side stabilizers, linear pocketed spring systems, and the time tested Salem quality, you can be sure that these Elite beds are made to provide the comfort you deserve for the longest time possible. Each Elite bed offers a unique set of specifications, giving the public a number of options in indulging themselves with the finest mattress available. Emery, the entry level piece in the collection, offers 10 inches of comfort, packed with Theraposture, more than 1000 coil count, layers of memory foam and 7-zone convoluted latex foam, as well as Silverfresh treated fabric to ensure the hygiene of the mattress. Decked in blue and hints of silver, the Emery is fresh and dainty.

New Salem Elite Emery

Genesee is touted to be the most romantic piece in the range, with its plum and gray hues. With such a sultry shade, it offers great relaxation and even a bit of character that you won’t find in any other mattress in the market today. Eleven inches in thickness, it offers more than 1200 coil count and a special memory foam padded quilt on top of layers of 7-zone convoluted latex and firm polyurethane foams. It’s fabric features two new innovative features like the Argentum and Intense. Argentum, as the name suggests, is based on silver ions working to create an antibacterial technology, keeping the mattress clean, fresh, and highly hypoallergenic. Intense is another breakthrough technology offered by the new Elite collection, as this innovative feature deals with the electric discharge created by the body’s contact with other materials. By getting rid of the electricity created by these instances, you can relax even better and fall asleep easier.

New Salem Elite Genesee

The Emperesse exudes sophistication all over with its subdued hues with strong highlights. It takes after the grace of the goddesses of the old, and aims to be as ethereal as its muses. With its more than 1500 spring count, barrel shaped coil system, Theraposture, and 12 inches of thickness, it is sure to be capable of providing the support you need. As for the luxurious comfort, it comes with layers of 100% natural latex, 7-zone convoluted latex, and a memory foam quilted top panel. Emperesse’s ticking is also treated with Intense and Argentum, offering a fresh take in sleep innovation.

New Salem Elite Emperesse

As for the most upscale model in the collection, the Royalty is an unsurpassed luxury mattress in the market today. It’s black details and hints of gold create lush aesthetics will draw you in and will remind you of grand ball dances and posh society events. Fourteen inch thick with more than 1500 coil count and barrel shaped coil system, the Royalty is topped with two layers of 100% natural perforated latex and a layer of 7 zone convoluted latex foam covered with a memory foam quited top panel, ensuring that you’ll get the lavish comfort you deserve. As for its ticking, special features like the ActiPro to ensure its freshness and hygiene, and Thermic for ensured temperature regulation, are used to create the most magnificent mattress in the collection.

New Salem Elite Royalty

To properly convey the luxury that the Salem Elite collection wishes to offer, we were lucky to get a chance to work with the international model Tania Onishchenko. Best known for her work with Saks Fifth Avenue, Cartier, Etam, Breil Fine Jewelry, Elle Greece, and Maidenform, Ms. Onishchenko will be the new face of the Elite campaign.

New Salem Elite Emery with Tania Onishchenko

Tania Onishchenko for Salem Elite

The new Elite collection was launched in SM Aura Premier, amidst the society figures and VIPs of Manila, in partnership with SM Homeworld. The four beds: Emery, Genesee, Emperesse, and Royalty, were presented in lifestyle setting, befitting its offer of grandeur and elegance in every way. The New Salem Elite Collection is currently on display at the 3rd floor of SM Aura Premier in the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. It will be carried exclusively by SM Homeworld.


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