Why You Need Sleep

When you really think about it, do you know why you go to bed at night? Aside from the fact that sleep is an important requirement of the body to function properly, not a lot of people realize just how important it is. This list tells more about the importance of sleep, though.

salem beds importance of sleep

1. Sleep makes sure that you will function properly. Not only does sleeping at night lets your body recharge the energies it has expelled during the day, but it also takes this time to prepare your whole body for the next day.

2. Sleep aids in healing your body. During this “down time,” your body gets the chance to repair blood vessels and promotes the release of helpful hormones for growth and development. It also boosts immune functions, which is why sleep is known to lower the risks of high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, stroke, and even cancer.

3. Sleep can help you lose weight. Studies show that sleeping more results to better weight loss. This is attributed to the fact that certain hormones can shoot up when you’re sleepy, causing you to have a bigger appetite.

4. Sleep will help you ensure your own safety, as well as others’. Proper sleep will help you stay awake during the daytime and avoid drowsiness and falling asleep during important moments, preventing road accidents and medical mistakes among many others.

5. Sleep improves your mood. Lack of sleep results in irritability, anxiety, crankiness, and inability to concentrate, so getting enough sleep can be the key to having a positive temperament day in and out.

We hope we’ve given you a pretty solid idea on how important sleep can be. Of course, it also doesn’t end with just catching some zzz’s when you’re beat. Quality sleep should be the very thing you’re aiming for, as it is still the best form of slumber there is.



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