When Should You Replace Your Mattress?

Salem beds replace mattress

Like all consumer goods, mattresses have a shelf life that will ensure its performance and quality. This is why it always comes to a point where you’ll definitely need to know when the right time you need a replacement, as it can ensure the quality of sleep that you’ll be getting. A mattress can easily affect your slumber, so if you value your rest after a day’s work, you should know when you’ll need to go mattress shopping again.

Most experts suggest that it is highly important to replace your mattress every eight to ten years. Others argue that it should be as soon as five to seven years. Ultimately, it is up to you when you should replace your mattress. If your bed still feels like cloud nine even after a decade’s use, you may still keep it, but if there are other things about it that keeps you wide awake at night, then you should certainly head out to a mattress store near you.

To help you out in your quest in learning when you should trade in your mattress for something new, here’s a short checklist that we’ve compiled:

1. You should replace your mattress if it’s already causing you to wake up with sore and aching points all over the body.

The main thing with mattresses is that it should be comfortable. It should provide proper support to your body, so you can actually rest after a long day of working to provide for yourself and your family. If you get to wake up with aching points all over your body, then you need to look into your mattress’ current state. These aches can be the telltale signs that your mattress isn’t doing its job anymore and that you already need a new one.

2. You should replace your mattress if you keep twisting and turning in bed at night because you can’t find a spot.

It is always true that even the most fidgety of sleepers can find a good spot if matched with the right mattress. If you’ve purchased your mattress after testing it out, you’ll know that you’ve chosen the most comfortable one that suits your needs and preferences. So, if you start finding it hard to fall asleep at night because you can’t find a comfortable spot in your bed, then maybe it’s time for a change.

3. You should replace your mattress if it’s nearly a decade old.

This sign isn’t exactly set in stone and should always be taken with a lot of considerations. As mentioned earlier, some experts say that mattress replacement is necessary when your unit is already eight to ten years old, while others insist on replacing mattresses once they hit the five to seven year mark. Now, these numbers may sound too soon and too small, especially if you’ve actually spent a good amount of money on your mattress. Some high grade models’ warranties may not have even expired by this time, so why should you go get a replacement right away?

Here are the experts’ bases:

  • Mattresses accumulate dust, dirt, and debris over time. In fact, mattresses are said to double its original weight in just eight years or so because of these things. If you don’t maintain your mattress properly, including a regular thorough vacuuming and turning, these accumulated grossness can cause allergies and may even invite a bed bug infestation, which can be harmful to your health. To avoid this, experts suggest of replacing your mattress regularly.
  • Some mattresses’ quality naturally degrade as years go by. Of course, how you use you use your mattress affect it’s composition and construction greatly, so over the years, it will surely show some wear. Springs will eventually lose its bounce, while foam will grow thin. You can’t expect a seven year old mattress to be as good as new if it supports your weight for up to sixteen hours a day, even if it is the most expensive thing you’ve purchased in the last decade or so.
  • New models tend to come out with better technologies. Innovations tend to come regularly when it comes to mattresses, so you may want to check out what’s the latest technique in comfort every couple of years or so.

What you should know though, is that you’re not forced to buy a new mattress every ten years or less. It’s all up to you. It all depends on how you maintain and use your mattress, as well as its actual construction and composition. Some will last a long time with great care and minor alterations from time to time, while others will need a replacement every couple of years.

4. You should replace your mattress if your body has somewhat changed over the years.

So you’ve purchased a good mattress just three years ago, but you’re starting to notice that it’s not as comfortable as it first was. You may have already considered the composition of the mattress, but most who have invested on top of the line models can really wonder what’s happening. Before you call the bed manufacturer to ask for a replacement (given that your warranty hasn’t expired yet), you should also consider your body’s changes as well.

The discomfort you get from your mattress can be caused by a great number of things aside from the bed’s make and materials. For one, it can be because you’ve gained some weight. Extra mass, plus an aging mattress can really create discomfort that is easily noticeable. An increased amount of physical activity can also turn a once cozy mattress into a stressful surface, as certain lifestyle changes could definitely alter your body in various ways, so you should also learn more about that. Acquiring a certain illness can also change how you feel about your old mattress. Some people may have preferred sleeping on soft surfaces before, but after developing a back problem, will need a firmer back support when laying down. These things are just some examples of how you change over the years can affect your preferences in your mattresses.

5. You should replace your mattress if you’ve added a new sleeper on the bed.

A growing family definitely needs a new mattress. If you’ve just gotten married, a new mattress is surely in order, so both partners can feel more comfortable in the bedroom. A new baby will also require you to take a good long look at your mattress and whether it is safe for your little one. Some materials may cause allergies or may be unsafe for babies, so you should definitely look into those things as well.

We’ve said it before, and we’re gonna say it again: mattresses are excellent investments. It’s just up to you once you’ve purchased a good one on how you will extend its lifespan. Here at Salem beds, we aim to create the best products that will give you a bang for your buck, but how you use it will still determine it’s long term quality and usage.


2 thoughts on “When Should You Replace Your Mattress?

  1. Mate, I believe you mention all things. I just want to add one thing- if your bed starts creaking or groaning throughout the night, it’s time you evaluate the mattress. What do you thing?

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