Product Highlight: Salem’s Foldable Foam Products

City living means maximizing every square inch possible, so it’s not too surprising that a lot of people are in search of mattresses that can be stowed away easily. With Salem’s foldable foam products, you can easily get the most out of your space without a fuss. These items are possible to put away by either under the bed or inside a closet, making them handy bedding materials, especially when unexpected guests come over. Some also easily double as seating furniture, giving them extra purpose and versatility.



The Essentia is a four fold mattress that you can easily store under the bed or inside a closet. It’s an easy solution for extra bedding or a soft play area for little kids.



The Soffia is a posh and elegant folding sofa bed which easily folds to create an extra seating furniture inside the home. If you lack the space for storage, why not get the Soffia and double the value for your money?


A more casual sibling to the Soffia, the Soleil is also a folding sofa bed that doubles as a seating furniture aside from being a bed. It offers a bigger surface, allowing more room for comfort.


Quad Mat

The Quad Mat is much like the Soleil, wherein when folded, it can be used as a comfy sofa. Like the Soffia and Soleil, it also has a pillow that can easily minimize your problems of how to provide comfortable sleeping arrangements to overnight guests.


Porta Mat


Handy Fold Mat

The Porta Mat and Handy Fold Mat are variations of our folding foam mattresses, offering different cut outs that may better suit some people’s needs. They are also easily stored to serve as an extra bedding within the house or while traveling.


Fold a Bol

The Fold a Bol is another genius creation by Salem beds. With its design, the Fold a Bol can also easily serve as a long pillow, so instead of having to find a place to store it when you’re not in need of an extra bed, you can easily cover it with a long pillowcase and have it on your own bed as an extra pillow.


X1 Trifold

The X1 Trifold is an easy-store version of the Salem foam mattress. It folds into three sections, creating a solid cushion that can be stored away or used as a floor pillow.

ImageFlex Mat

If you travel a lot and want a nice, comfortable extra bedding to carry around in your car, the Flex Mat can be a great choice. Designed with built in ties that can be used to secure the mat in position when rolled for storage, it can be easily lugged around whether it is in your car’s trunk or strapped onto your hiking backpack.

Designed for functionality and versatility, these foldable mattresses from Salem also guarantees comfort and quality. So if you’re ever in need of an excellent extra bedding, you can always check out our retailers all over the country. These foldable items are easily available in SM Homeworld, SM Hypermart, major Puregold, Blims Fine Furniture, and Sogo Home & Office branches.


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