Product Highlight: The Elite Collection

For decades, Salem has been known for its quality and luxurious spring beds. Thanks to its competitive pricing and high grade materials and craftsmanship, Salem beds have always been capable of being in the running with established foreign brands. Proudly made in the Philippines, Salem mattresses may be local, but it has a kick better than other imported competitors.

salem elite collection

Salem’s Elite collection takes Salem beds into a whole different level. Not only does this collection feature the best materials and craftsmanship there is, but it is also a continuing commitment to a long lasting relationship with our consumers.

The Elite Four

Dubbed as the ‘Luxury Bed Collection’, Salem’s Elite series is guaranteed to be the best of the best. With the choicest materials and most advanced features in sleep technology, this line is a lot more than what many expect. Featuring pocketed coil systems for individual spring movement topped with natural latex foam, as well as reinforced edges to prevent sagging, the Elite four offers firm support, yet soft surfaces, so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep. Each comes with a little extra as well, making every Salem Elite bed an exciting find.


Salem Elite ElysseThe Elysse may be the basic Salem Elite bed, but it is chock full of charm. Minimal in design, the Elysse’s main attraction is its clean lines and soft tufts. It offers warmth and versatility while exuding a simple sophistication that will draw you in.

Salem Elite ELYSSEFeaturing a tight plush top design with a linear pocketed spring system, it takes comfort seriously with up to more than a thousand coil count and layers of high density polyurethane foam and latex performance rubber foam. Covered with an ActiPro treated fabric, the Elysse also comes with the Theraposture feature, ensuring proper and ample support.


Salem Elite Amaranth

A gorgeous product with a name to match, the Amaranth shares its moniker with a valuable plant used for various purposes all over the globe. But like its ancient Greek derivative (amarantos), Salem Elite’s Amaranth is “unfading”. With top notch quality, this stunning mattress not only promises comfort, but grandeur as well.

Salem Elite Amaranth

Salem’s Amaranth takes pride in a wide range of specifications that it can offer. Aside from its linear pocketed spring system that creates individual coil movement that ensures little partner disturbance, this mattress’ pillow top is created with layers of latex performance rubber foam. With up to more than 1200 coil count and Theraposture, you won’t go wrong with the firmness and support it can offer.



Exuding elegance is the sumptuous Enchantress. Designed to meet the needs of those who like to make sure they rest well after working and playing hard the whole day, this Salem Elite bed guarantees rest like no other.

salem elite enchantress

It’s sleek Eurotop design features layers of high resilience foam, latex performance rubber foam, and firm foam on top of a linear pocketed spring system with barrel shaped coil. Packed with innovative features like the Tencel fiber, Aloe Vera fabric, Theraposture, Anti-fungi, Anti-dustmite, and Anti-bacteria, the Enchantress is a truly enticing option for those looking for an investment piece.


Salem elite legacy

Thoroughly luxurious is how Legacy can best be described in two words or less. The top tier mattress for the Salem Elite collection, we take great pride in what this mattress has to offer. Not only does it offer sublime comfort, but it is also a great testament to Salem’s craftsmanship and innovation.

salem elite legacy

There are many marvels to the Legacy mattress, as Salem has poured its heart and soul towards creating this exquisite model. One of the great points it has is its double layered pocketed spring system. Instead of having just a single linear coil system, it has two, with a barrel shaped system at the bottom and an hour glass system on top. An awe-inspiring 2500 and above coil count can also be found within the legacy, topped by layers of multiple and strategically located high density foams, as well as rubber, and natural latex foams to ensure that you get the perfect mix of support and softness you deserve.

Salem Elite’s Legacy is also full to the brim with special innovative features that truly adds up to its great charms. With its Thermic function, Theraposture, and ActiPro features, it offers not only unparalleled comfort, but also makes sure that you will get the most out of your purchase.

With its incomparable make and features, Salem wishes that Elite’s Legacy mattress will serve as the brand’s gift, not only to the Filipino people, but to the world as well.


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