Product Highlight: Headboards

Salem has always been known for the high quality beds we manufacture locally in our plants all over the country. However, aside from the mattresses, we are now also offering other furnishing items related to beds.

Headboards are among the top things we offer here at Salem. The great thing with headboards is that they can easily update the look of your home. By just adding a headboard to your bed set up, you can give a whole new feel and look to your interiors.

Check out our selection of headboards that will surely suit your Salem bed at home!

Elite Collection Headboards

salem versailles headboard


salem monaco headboard


salem buckingham headboard


Top of the Line Headboards

salem brooklyn headboard


salem colorado headboard


salem ontario headboard


Salem Adelaide Headboard


salem VERNON headboard


salem MANCHESTER headboard


salem TREMAINE headboard


salem ANTONELLI headboard


salem BEDFORD headboard


salem dublin headboard


salem lisbon headboard


Choosing a Headboard

There are two types of headboards when you’re purchasing them separately from your bed frame. The first type is the wall mounted kind, like our Salem Elite collection headboards. These units allow more freedom and creativity for homeowners, as you can easily experiment with the size and mounting. Some opt to go a little oversized and just peeking from the behind, while others like their headboards to fit the width of their beds but with a towering headboard height. It all depends on how your style, making wall mounted headboards an excellent option for many.

The attached headboard other type aside from the wall mounted. Salem Philippines carries a wide range of attached headboards, so you can be assured that you’ll find something that will match your needs and preferences in our line. However, if you opt for an attached headboard, the accuracy of measurements are necessary. You wouldn’t want to have the struts showing on the sides of your bed, so you need to make sure that your frame or box will match the size of your headboard. Salem headboards have matching bed boxes so you wouldn’t have to worry much about the measurements, though.

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