The Renascence

Salem’s newest line of products, known as the Renascence collection, introduces a gorgeous way of achieving comfort inside your home. This selection features topped mattresses, meaning they have additional layers of soft foam over a firmer material, usually innerspring or foam. This design makes them some of the softest bedding materials available, as it mixes great support with a soft surface.


General Features

What makes the Renascence extra special is that it mixes new generation memory foam with a firmer underlayer to create wondrous mattresses. Each eurotop mattress is composed of a layer of new generation memory foam, known as the VE foam, cushioning different firm lower layers ensuring softness with proper support.
Unlike other memory foams, though, the Renascence has an open cell structure that is designed to have excellent ventilation. This will ensure that the mattress won’t get too heated during long period usage. It’s actually a perfect offer for consumers in sub tropical countries like the Philippines, as you can be sure that your mattress won’t get heated in the middle of the night.

Each model in the range is also Sanitized. This feature means that the materials used, which are all of heavy knit and beautifully designed fabrics, are treated to stay hygienic to maintain its freshness. The procedure also drives away unwanted elements like dustmites, bacteria, and fungi, keeping your bed clean all the time.


The No Turn feature is also present in all of the Renasence mattresses. With its eurotop design, you’ll only need to rotate the bed 180 degrees around for better weight distribution. No more flipping, as all you’ll need is to just exchange the ends of your mattress.



The Durham is the entry product in the collection. It is the most basic of the three with the VE foam combined with a thick layer of high density polyurethane foam. It measures eight inches in thickness and provides great comfort suited to those who work hard and aim high.




Ellesmere is all about indulging you with the comfort you deserve. With a timeless design, it is something guaranteed to be a worthy investment. Beneath its VE foam is a medium firm high resilience foam on top of a firm high density polyurethane foam to ensure proper support. It is ten inches thick and will surely carry you gently to dreamland.





The Somerset is created for those who won’t settle for anything less. These go-getters may be tough to please, but the Somerset is sure to deliver. With the VE foam layered on top of a 1000 coil count pocketed spring system designed with Theraposture and a high density polyurethan foam, it offers unparalleled support that you won’t easily find elsewhere. Extravagant and rich, the Somerset will create a sleeping experience like no others.

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