Salem, the Elephant, and Comfort

salem beds elephant

Most people associate Salem beds with its iconic elephant. This wonderful creature has stood as a significant emblem for the company and helped build Salem an identity that is truly memorable and easily distinguishable from the rest. Some may wonder why a provider of comfort has chosen what others will consider a wild giant as its torch bearer, so finally, we are answering such an inquiry.

Elephants are, without a doubt, some of the most wonderful creatures around. They have always brought upon wonder about them and was even thought fantastical and mythological by Westerners in the Middle Ages. Even Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher, himself shared his more than two cents’ worth about elephants, remarking that it is “the beast that passeth all others in wit and mind.”

What is it about elephants that make them so marvelous and awe-inspiring? Is it their massive size or their tremendous weight? While these may have been among the first things that had attracted Salem to use a real live Indian elephant in their unforgettable marketing campaign a few decades ago, it is all more than that. Aside from letting the elephant play on and with the mattress to showcase its quality construction and durability, the elephant stands for a lot more about the company’s values and ideals.

Being one of the most intelligent creatures in the planet, the elephant has been a great influence to the company in so many ways. It has inspired Salem to be an exemplary model in the industry, as elephants have always been among its counterparts. The following list of traits elaborates more on how the company identifies closely with elephants easily.

The capability to offer comfort is one of the most notable things that elephants demonstrate. It is also a primary goal Salem strives to achieve. According to studies, elephants have a sense of empathy, allowing them to respond to distressed creatures near them. On several occasions, elephants were observed offering comfort to fellow elephants and even humans through touching and certain vocal sounds. In a similar sense, Salem works hard to provide quality products that can provide unadulterated satisfaction that can help enhance the quality of sleep. Comfort is definitely something Salem beds work hard to provide to the public and has been quite successful at it as evidenced by our years in service.

Elephants are also known to have a very long lifespan. This can be easily said for Salem beds as well, since most of our beds can last up to a lifetime. This makes them excellent investments, as you can be assured that they’ll last for a very long time. While elephants can be around for more than two centuries, Salem’s high quality beds can surely last for generations.

With most elephants living in packs, scientists have hypothesized that this behavior is a testimony to how significant familial bonds are to them. Their matriarchal groupings are usually composed of a family of female elephants and their young, led by the oldest female. Once the matriarch passes away or relinquishes her post due to age, the power passes on to the next elder sister or daughter in the group.

For Salem, families are equally significant. With homes closely associated with warmth, security, and comfort, Salem strives to create products that are worth introducing to such wonderful spaces. By manufacturing high quality beds that provides exceptional satisfaction, the company takes pride in being able to help build stronger bonds in families all over the country.

Salem also takes great inspiration from the elephant’s wit. Noted as some of the most dazzling creatures in the planet, elephants exhibit their intelligence through self-awareness, ability to communicate with each other, and long term memory. In Salem’s end, this wondrous trait is showcased through innovation. We take pride in offering products crafted through knowledge of the latest sleep technologies, assuring consumers that they will get the most modern beds available today.

Altruism is another trait elephants are known to have. This pleasing characteristic has been seen among elephants on various occasions, where they have shown great selflessness in times of need. Although being charitable is not exactly what many would consider as altruistic, Salem tries its best to help those in need. The company’s generosity has been showcased a number of times in the past, especially through the TV show, Wish Ko Lang.

The elephant may have been quite an odd choice for depicting a well known corporation, but once you get to know many of the traits of this gentle giant, it easily makes sense. Likening Salem’s corporate appearance to the characteristics of a wondrous, majestic, and magnificent mammal only shows as exemplary a company Salem is as an elephant would be in the animal kingdom.

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